Wild Bean Cafe card and key tag Terms & Conditions

By using or registering your Wild Bean Cafe card and key tag (Card) you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the Wild Bean Cafe card programme please call 0800 800 027.

Any reference in these terms and conditions to \"coffee\" or \"drink\" refers to Wild Bean Cafe-made items, but excludes Wild Bean Cafe Smoothies. This means Smoothies won't count towards the 5 purchases, and can't be redeemed for your free drink.

Ownership of your Card

Your Card and card number are the property of BP Oil NZ Limited (BP). You must not copy or reproduce your Wild Bean Cafe card or key tag.

Registering your Card

You can register your Card by either visiting www.cafekeytag.co.nz and following the registration directions or by texting your name, date of birth (in the dd.mm.yyyy format) and 13 digit card number to 2337. Any texts that you send cost 20 cents each and must be received in the following format: eg: John Smith, dd.mm.yyyy, 2600390210263.

Nature of your Card

Your Card can be used to count your coffee and other drink purchases, with non-registered users receiving every 7th coffee or other drink free and registered users receiving every 6th coffee or other drink free. Your Card can also be used for special promotions and offers that Wild Bean Cafe may offer to registered Card holders.

Your Card is not a credit or charge card and free coffees or other drinks cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.

Using your Card

Your Card should be swiped every time you make a Wild Bean Cafe purchase. You will receive every 7th coffee or other drink free if you are not a registered user and every 6th coffee or other drink free if you are a registered user. You will also receive any food or other related promotional offer that is loaded on your Card.

Redeeming Wild Bean Cafe key tag free coffees or other drinks

Your free coffee or other drink will automatically be applied to your purchase when it is due. The free coffee or other drink must be used at time of purchase. Free coffees or other drinks cannot be held or stored up for future use.

Coffee counts cannot be transferred between Cards or from previous Cards.

Information about your Card

Details of your coffee count status will appear on your receipt each time you make a purchase and swipe your Card at a Wild Bean Cafe.

Registered Wild Bean Cafe Card holders can also check coffee count status, transaction history and update personal details by logging on at www.cafekeytag.co.nz

Card holders can allocate cards to their profile. If you are not the card holder of any card number that you wish to allocate to your profile, you must ensure you have the permission of the card holder before allocating the card number to your profile.

Free coffees and promotional offers on these Cards remain with the Card number, and not the profile holder.

You can hold up to four different barcodes on your profile at any one time.

No sale / conversion

You cannot sell or convert your free coffees or other drinks into cash.

New Zealand only

Your Card can only be used at Wild Bean Cafes in New Zealand.

Changes to these Terms

BP reserves the right to vary, suspend, modify or terminate these Terms at any time without prior notice. Any changes to these Terms will be posted on www.cafekeytag.co.nz.

Privacy Statement and promotional messages

Personal information provided during registration may be used for future marketing purposes by Wild Bean Cafe (BP) and its advertising / marketing agencies. This includes sending you promotional messages either by email or text message, depending on your registration method. You may opt out of receiving these messages at any time by following the directions contained in any message that is sent to you, or by calling 0800 800 027. Any texts that you send cost 20 cents each. By opting out, your Wild Bean Cafe Card status will change to unregistered so that your coffee or other drink purchase count changes to buy 6, get 1 free.

Any enquiries regarding your personal information held by Wild Bean Cafe (BP) should be directed to The Marketing Manager, BP Oil New Zealand Limited, 73 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050.

These Terms include and incorporate BP's Privacy Statement, which is available at www.bp.co.nz.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for:

- any delay in replacing your Card.
- any unauthorised use of your Card.
- any failure to notify you of any changes in these Terms.

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